About me

I am Si­mo­nas Kazlauskas, a soft­ware en­gin­eer based in Vil­ni­us, Lith­u­a­nia.

I be­lieve in port­able, re­li­able and free soft­ware. Most of the open source soft­ware I pro­duce is cross-­plat­form and of­ten­times is aimed at en­abling other de­velopers to im­ple­ment sim­il­arly port­able solu­tions. See my pro­file at Git­Hub for a non-ex­haust­ive list of open-­source pro­jects I have cre­ated, main­tain or con­trib­ute to.

Pro­fe­sion­ally I have worked on pro­jects such as:

  • web­sites, span­ning both backend and fron­tend;
  • em­bed­ded firm­ware, primar­ily for IoT-­grade util­ity meters;
  • sys­tems for pro­cessing high through­put data;
  • GStream­er­-­based net­work video pro­cessing ap­plic­a­tions;
  • put­ting novel (at the time) tech such as Rust and Nix into pro­duc­tion;
  • WebAssembly runtimes and tool­ing…


Send­ing me an e-­mail is the most ef­fect­ive way to reach me with ques­tions, sug­ges­tions, com­ments, con­tract of­fers and sim­il­ar. You can also find me at these places: