I prefer to be reached out to via e-­mail. Es­pe­cially if you have ques­tions, sug­ges­tions, com­ments (in re­sponse to es­says), job of­fers et cet­era.

De­tails of my pub­lic PGP key are avail­able be­low for those who would like to en­sure dis­creet­ness of com­mu­nic­a­tions.

  • ID: 0x63457D26;
  • Fin­ger­print: F639 7A4C 840E AFD7 637F FB80 F532 32F8 6345 7D26;
  • Size/­Type: 4096/R­SA;
  • Key file (HT­TPS mir­ror).

The in­ter­net

I have ac­counts on fol­low­ing so­cial net­works in no spe­cific or­der and do not have (or use) an ac­count on any other im­mensely pop­u­lar so­cial net­work. Feel free to fol­low yours truly.

I also con­trib­ute to Mu­sicBrainz and Open­Street­Map.

More about my­self

Once again: I’m Si­mo­nas Kazlauskas. 22 years old lib­re, open source soft­ware act­iv­ist from Vil­ni­us, the cap­ital of Lith­u­a­nia.

I main­tain an in­terest in pro­gram­ming of all kinds and don’t shy away from un­fa­mil­iar prob­lems. I’m pro­fi­cient in many pro­gram­ming lan­guages, but Haskell and Rust are my tools of choice.

After pro­gram­ming in my fet­ish1 list comes Ja­pan and everything Ja­pan. On an al­most un­re­lated note, I usu­ally speak to my­self in Ja­pan­ese while cook­ing some­thing con­tain­ing soy or rice, but I still am in­cap­able of such feat as read­ing kanji.

Fi­nally, the last men­tion-­worthy thing is phys­ics and chem­istry. I usu­ally in­dulge my­self in the­or­et­ical part of those fields, but once in a while I get my hands dirty too. Luck­ily, I’m quick to aban­don the ex­per­i­ment loc­a­tion, there­fore my limbs are still firmly at­tached to the con­trol­lerbody.

If you ever hap­pen to in­vite me to lunch, you will ap­pre­ci­ate know­ing I’m a ovo-lacto ve­get­arian when sweets, pastries and other baked products are in­volved and lacto ve­get­arian oth­er­wise.