It is widely ac­cep­ted to la­bel en­ergy pro­duced from sources such as sun­light, wind, geo­thermal heat or even bio­mass as re­new­able en­ergy. As soon as one looks at the big­ger pic­ture, it is in­ev­it­able for one to start no­ti­cing lack of re­new­ab­il­ity of all afore­men­tioned sources.

If we define re­new­able en­ergy as “any nat­ur­ally oc­cur­ring, the­or­et­ic­ally in­ex­haust­ible source of en­ergy, that is not de­rived from fossil or nuc­lear fuel” we find that neither sun, nor geo­therm­al, bio­mass or wind en­ergy sat­isfy those con­di­tions.

The sun

The Sun, like any other star, “burns” hy­dro­gen into he­lium emit­ting huge amounts of en­ergy in the pro­cess. There­fore, the Sun is en­ergy source de­rived from nuc­lear fuel. It is very likely hu­man­ity won’t live long enough to ob­serve the mo­ment the Sun ex­hausts its last drops of hy­dro­gen, so call­ing the Sun in­ex­haust­ible might not be that wrong. How­ever ul­ti­mately, it is the­or­et­ic­ally proved that the Sun is ex­haust­ible and hence can­not be called re­new­able.

Geo­thermal en­ergy

Prob­ably all of us heard how Icelanders ex­ploit geo­thermal en­ergy and how cheap their heat­ing sys­tems are in the long run. Con­trary to what most people think, heat in the depths of the Earth does not come from noth­ing­ness (nor the pres­sure is a cause). The fis­sion of vari­ous ele­ments, mostly thori­um, heats the Earth and by ex­ten­sion, the wa­ter people pump down there. If people are smart enough to deem nuc­lear fuel to be ex­haust­ible, they should find it to be a case with the geo­thermal en­ergy too.


Wind is caused by dif­fer­ences in at­mo­spheric pres­sure. — Wiki­pe­dia

The at­mo­spheric pres­sure dif­fer­ences are mostly caused by the Sun. There­fore, no sun – no wind. It is ques­tion­able whether we can call en­ergy source, which is de­pend­ent on ex­ist­ence of an­other ex­haust­ible (as proved in “The sun” sec­tion) en­ergy source, re­new­able.


Bio­mass is the worst of­fender of re­new­able title. Plants grown for bio­mass not only oc­cupy pre­cious farm­land and ex­haust the soil but de­pends on the ex­ternal (ex­haust­ible) sources of en­ergy such as the sun as well! I would really like to speak with a per­son who claims be­ing able to prove bio­mass en­ergy is re­new­able.

The re­new­able fal­lacy

The phrase “re­new­able en­ergy” is ob­vi­ously just a mar­ket­ing trick used by vari­ous in­ter­ested parties to mis­lead people into think­ing there ex­ists some kind of en­ergy pan­acea. Money get wasted, time, which could be bet­ter spent, is wasted too. Politi­cians vote for ter­rible de­cisions and proper long-term en­ergy strategies are spoiled.